Stuck on Setting Date and Time Fix

Some Apple TV users are experiencing issues in the initial set up for their device and cannot get past the date and time set up screen. Users experiencing this issue are stuck on the setting date and time screen and do not have access to the Apple TV’s content. The problem can be resolved in several ways. Please leave a comment on which method worked for you.

Apple TV – Stuck on Setting Date and Time Fix #1

1. Disconnect the router from the power source

2. Disconnect the Apple TV from the power source

3. Wait 15 seconds and reconnect the router and then the Apple TV

Apple TV – Stuck on Setting Date and Time Fix #2

The issue can be caused by your router’s firewall blocking the correct port

1. Log into your router and lower your security settings

You can reset the security settings back to the default settings after you bypass the date and time screen on your Apple TV

Apple TV – Stuck on Setting Date and Time Fix #3

1. Connect the Apple TV to a different wireless network – most users experience success connecting to their mobile device’s hotspot network

How-to Turn On Hotspot on the iPhone

  • General>Cellular>Turn on ‘Cellular Data’
  • Settings>Turn on ‘Personal Hotspot’
  • Assign a password for the network


2. On the Apple TV, press the ‘Menu’ button until you are able to access the Settings screen

3. Go to Settings>General>Network>Wifi and connect to your mobile hotspot network

4. Return to the main menu and you should now have access to all of your Apple TV’s content

5. Go back to Settings>General>Network>Wifi and connect to your home network



    • #3 finally worked after numerous time trying I have been so furious.
      Remember to turn everything off first . wifi . atv. then follow directions.
      I am now so relieved . THANKYOU

  1. not that tech savvy
    fumbled my way thru all of the above
    and yea fix 3 workedfor me

  2. After 3 days of battling with this, Fix #3 worked for my ATV3.

    Thank you!!!!

  3. Ok, seems like number 3 works- I don’t have mobile coverage at home though…. What next?

  4. #2 worked!
    I logged into my Xfinity/Comcast router with:

    Firewall: Set the lowest level for security.
    Disconnected power to the AppleTV


  5. solution number 3 did the magic!! thank you!! it was a nightmare figuring out why it never connected to anything after I updated the software version. b.t.w. another problem I initially has was that the Apple TV never does a software update to me from the device itself – only through itunes via cable… hope Apple would fix these issues ASAP!

  6. Fix #3 did it for me wish I would have found this before I had an apple technician tell me to go to the city which is an hour away to get it exchanged

  7. No. 3 worked for me, thank you so much. Also saved that little black square thing from being crushed under my boot.

  8. Fix #3 worked for me after I’d tried about 10 other suggestions I found in links in the internet – many thanks

  9. No. 3 worked. What an absolute nightmare. I feel this product is not important to Apple anymore… maybe they’re rolling out something new

  10. i keep pressing menu button but nothing happens. Still stuck on that “Setting date and time….” Screen

    Please help!!!

  11. Thank you! #3 did the trick for us. This site is great. saved us a trip to the Apple store which is an hour away and from my husband having a heartache from all the stress from that little black box…lol!!!!

  12. None of these worked for me. I’m experiencing this issue from about 3 earlier firmware versions.

    1st I get Cant connect msg with -3906.
    Next time I try connecting, I get an error 5

  13. Fix #3: Temporary connect to my mobile shared network, allow Apple TV to set up date and time by eg. changing my Regional Setting, and connect back to my home WiFi network.

  14. Thanks for a good article, but none of the fixes solved my problem. I finally found out that incorrect regional format was the sinner. Changing from Cupertino to Denmark solve the problem in my case.

  15. I tried everything to fix this problem, including restore, reset, unplugging router, etc. etc. Was about to reset parameters in router (firewall). Just before doing this I simply unplugged HDMI cable from AppleTV box (and unplugged power). Plugged cable back in and turned back on. Everything fixed!!

  16. Superb.. Tired everything but nothing worked out.. until i found your website and fix#3 worked out. Ur a genius..

  17. fix 3!! Connect to your iPhone and lug in that way! I lost 2 hours of my life then tried this and …… Success!!!

  18. Fix #3 worked for me! I had tried everything else – this was the only thing that worked!!!

  19. Number 3 worked for me. Make sure your phone is disconnected from your home wireless before connecting the Apple TV to it. Otherwise the Apple TV’s connection will still be reaching the internet through your home router, just via the phone now.

  20. Number 3 worked, thankyou. Tried everything else first before I saw this post. Tried number 1 without success and for number 2 I could get into the router but all too technical for me to change anything. Feeling frustration at always having to fix things before you can use them.

  21. #3 was not an option, don’t have a smart phone yet…

    #2 worked the first time!… thanks very much!

  22. Thank you BABY JESUS! #3 with a full restore using my hotspot worked for me. Shootz.

  23. You have saved my sanity! No. 3 worked for me too! Many thanks.

  24. #3 worked!! After buying a mini usb vs a micro, exchanging it, I became obsessed. Tricking it must be the ticket. Now…if I can just get it to stream all the time without those days where it just won’t load a movie..and wifi / internet is working just fine…ugh. Happy for now- thanks again

  25. # 3 did it for me after many failed attempts at self troubleshooting. Thanks! 🙂

  26. #3 worked for me! Thank you! A lot of work before I found Your page!

  27. I called Apple and they walked me through changing a setting on my Airport Extreme. I had to change the mode from “Bridging” to “DHCP/NAT”. Basically this error is saying the Apple TV can’t get out to the internet. And in bridging mode my router could not give Apple TV the IP address it needs. It got set up by the installer when I moved it, or more than likely automatically. It does this when the ISP equipment is handing out IP addresses, so is a router itself. In my case, in a condo, this equipment is in a closet very far away, so for me to get multiple IP addresses, apparently I needed to make this change. Hope this helps someone .

  28. No 3 – thanks so much. What a pain in the arse before I read your post.

  29. I didn’t find this until after I got around this problem. For me I’d tried configuring both using Ethernet and then Wifi – couldn’t get it past the activation/setting time & date.

    I then stumbled upon the auto-config feature. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, then if you enable Bluetooth on the mobile device and touch it to the Apple TV while the Apple TV is at the “select language” screen, it will guide you through auto config on your mobile device. This lets you copy your Apple ID and wireless info to the Apple TV. Once this was done, the Apple TV worked. I was able to then update the software for the Apple TV and use the device.

    This seems to be a very common problem from what I’ve seen doing searches. I don’t know why Apple doesn’t fix it.

  30. F#3 worked magically, so grateful buddies after 3 days looking for solution in the net, I just found too much bullshit and have to say Apple support had quite poor feedback on this. Thxs again buddies!

  31. #3 worked like a charm. I had been trying for days and i was quite close to return it to Apple for a full refund. Thank you very much!!!

  32. #3 worked the best and I’ve been dying to work this out the whole day. Thanks

  33. #3 Worked but with a little extra help. I needed to make sure my home WiFi router was turned off to force my mobile hotspot to route the signal over mobile network instead of local WiFi, which would be effectively the same as the AppleTV connected to the WiFi anyway.

  34. 3 fixed it. I tried everything from full restore, reset, unplug, restart, looked at the apple support page, reset then tried the “use your apple device to set up”. Nothing worked. Using the apple device to set up was easier but it still got stuck on setting date and time. You are a genius in the true sense of the word, not one of those tools in blue shirts. Thank you for saving my new Apple TV from being thrown against the wall or at least returned for a refund.

  35. Thanks a lot! #3 worked for me too. Not at first though, I had to plug atv off and on once more until it worked.
    Before that I had to do a complete reset and update of atv with iTunes (atv connected with USB cable to my windows notebook).

  36. You are a genius!! Been trying to sort all evening until I came across this page. #3 worked for me. Thanks!!!

  37. Hiya, #3 DIDN’T work for me – But when my apple tv 3rd gen wouldn’t connect to the internet (it DID connect to the wireless network)
    I went into my router settings and made sure the Apple TV mac address (find this in settings/about) was added to the MAC filtering and BOOM! all good after weeks of struggling.

  38. #3 did the trick. Never had so much trouble with an apple device.
    Thank you for the great advise!

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